Whole project with raspberry and particle? (Just a newbie)

Hello, I’m new here and I have a few questions to get started because I want to start working on a new project but first of all, I’m doing some research. I want to make this questions to know what I’m dealing with and to be sure that this is what I want, I would really appreciate some help from you guys.

1.- How big can a project get using particle and raspberry pi?
I mean can I launch big project’s or is more oriented on running just short scripts?

2.- Can I code a project in my raspberry, as usual, using python and let’s say some task is completed and after that can I trigger an event here on the particle cloud that takes other actions when this occurs?
I mean can I subscribe here on the particle cloud to an event that is going to happen when the Pi is running some code that I wrote in python?

When using a Particle device and a Rasperry Pi, any project limitations are probably only in your imagination. There are some limitations that you may run into on the Particle devices (Photon, Electron) mostly due to limited memory and flash space. However, if you are using a RasberryPi in conjunction with a Particle device, then a lot of those memory limitations go away since you can do the heavy processing tasks on the RasberryPi and then send publish/subscribe events to the Particle devices when needed. While I do not have a RPI to play with, I do believe you can trigger just about anything on a Particle device from the RPI. The RPI can also be added as a Particle device and connect to the Particle cloud by loading the Particle Agent.

You may want to check these documents:

Here are some other topics that deal with Python and Particle:


Also to add to this @carlos.echeverria.st, you can use Process Control to run shell commands and run scripts from within Particle firmware on the Raspberry Pi.

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Thanks alot for your reply I would keep in mind this and look at this other posts

Let me tell you what I understand , you are saying that from my particle code in the cloud I can run python scripts in the pi using shell ?? Using process control???

Yes you can.

You really helped me out , thank you so much !!! Can you give me some blog or channel were to look at or should I look at the posts in here ?

I might misunderstand this sentence, but what do you mean by “my particle code in the cloud”?
Your Particle code is running on the device, not in the cloud.

Sorry, I don’t know how to explain my self clearly, but I’m going to try.

I was trying to say that if I can run python scripts in the pi after calling them from some other script that came from the cloud.