Question about Particle in Raspberry Pi

I am new to Particle and eager to start learning. My timeline of project started with Arduino, ESP8266, Omega2, Raspberry Pi Zero W and now Photon from Particle.

My question is: Raspberry Pi Zero W is a small linux computer, so when I run a script (sh) or a python script, I can either use the command line using a terminal and type the script name and so on. If I want the script to run always, I use crontab to execute such script. Now, when using Particle web IDE, and you write a script, and upload it, does the script be run always or not? If so, can it be stop, if so, how? Can you upload several scripts via the web IDE and upload it to the Raspberry Pi? What about replacing such script with another one in case only one script can be run a one time?
Can you still use the terminal and issue linux commands and run scripts after uploading scripts using the Particle web IDE?

Can someone shed some light on these questions please?

Thank you in advance!



Let me ping one of the people that worked a lot with the Raspberry Pi and Particle. @jvanier can you help with this?


Welcome to the community!

The Getting started guide for Raspberry Pi shows how to get your Pi running Particle firmware.

The answers to your deeper questions are in the Particle Agent for Raspberry Pi reference docs.

If you still have questions, people on this forum will gladly help.

The Raspberry Pi runs particle-agent, a daemon that manages the firmware process, starts it on boot, restarts after a crash, etc. The process is run until you stop it or power off your Pi.

Are you referring to the Particle Firmware as a “script” in this context? Currently, only one firmware instance is allowed with particle-agent.

Yes. The Particle Firmware is just a process controlled by the particle-agent daemon. You can still use the Raspberry Pi terminal and run other programs while Particle Firmware is running.

I have written a guide for headless Particle setup on Pi Zero W.

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Thank you for such quick response to all, I really appreciate it and find the people here very helpful. I will start looking at those links and if I still have a question, I am sure someone here will help.

Again, thank you all.

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