Which project box used for Solar Shield?

Hi Particle, Community -

Anyone know a source for the box used in the Solar Shield kit?

Dims are 110 x 80 x 48 mm - we want to use same size, would love a point to the manufacturer and model.



We use the same box as Adafruit

You can find the manufacturer’s datasheet here

Thanks! From that resource, I see our desired box is the TiBox DS-AT-0811-S.

Much appreciated.


If you are not mounting the solar panel inside the box. You may checkout the water proof boxes at Home Depot or Lowes. I have some that are 4"x4"x2" and rain resistant, they have bigger.

To seal cable I have used cable glands fro Amazon


Thanks, good tip.


Another box that I found that be of use, waterproof and < $5.00, at Walmart Plano Guide Waterproof Stowaway Walmart #: 000958485.