Solar Powered Asset Tracker - Need specs or ordering ability

Your Solar Shields still aren’t available in the store yet, and have something coming up that can’t wait so looking at alternative locations. What are the specs, dimensions for individual replacement? All I see is “6-watt monocrystalline solar panel”. Anything further I need to know or just go pick one up?

Performing a 6-week trek away from power sources and follow movements with information of where I’m at. This is for study & research.

Is there a direct buy from Adafruit you recommend? Something like this: (preferred because of size)

This is the only meaningful thing that came up with a simple search:

I’m sorry, but as far as I know the Solar Kits won’t be produced/sold due to too little call for them during the Kickstarter campaign.

Pitty tho’ :pensive:

Dangit. Thanks for the affirmation & glad I’m moving. Will keep watching as I have lots of applications for this.

Any recommendations for what to use then? Any of the links seem to be the better option?

I have one of the kits. The adafruit panels (from Voltaic) you link to are pretty close to what came with mine: LINK.

Once you get a solar panel, I think you still need a regulator to deal with incoming voltage, although I may be wrong about that depending on what voltage your panel outputs and what the electron can deal with onboard. The solar kit shield looks like it has a regulator that can deal with up to 32V.