Where is the source to the bootloader


Where can I find the source to the bootloader and copy of the released bin file?

Happy New Year! We just open sourced it. :smile:

@zachary Is there any way to get the Core into bootloader mode without using the Mode button? I’m trying to setup a Raspberry Pi as a little “local build & flash” server. I’d love to make a shield that I could drop the Spark Core into and then just let the Raspberry Pi pull the reset pin and get it into DFU mode without me having to touch it! :smiley:

If it comes down to it, I suppose I can just modify the bootloader to allow it somehow…

Nope, no other way without modifying the bootloader.

Okay, maybe I’ll modify it to listen on serial for 3 seconds before continuing a normal boot. I also saw something about a JTAG shield for the Raspberry Pi, so I might look into that as well.

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