I really bricked my Particle Core v1 (bootloader) - how to unbrick?

Hi there,

I tried to flash a recent bootloader issuing this command:

sudo particle flash --force --usb ~/Downloads/bootloader-0.8.0-rc.10-core.bin

Yes, now I know “–force” was not a good idea.

I already followed this path to unbrick:

, but unfortunaltely the Core seems not to be supported.

So, how do I get a new, healthy bootloader on the device, without having dfu-mode and so on?

Many thanks in advance!

Are you sure the bootloader is erased? You can’t write the bootloader in --usb mode.

Unplug the USB power. Hold down the SETUP button while plugging in USB power. If you’re able to get into DFU mode (blinking yellow) then the bootloader is fine, it’s just the regular firmware that’s not valid.

Hi rickkas,

thank you very much for your quick response and good question.

No, now I’m not sure anymore.
Your hint brought me to a device with blinking yellow led, lsusb -> ID 1d50:607f OpenMoko.
So it’s in dfu mode again!