Where can I find a scheme for switching my central heating with the Spark Core

As I am a newby and since one week the owner of a Spark Core I see and get much more information in forums and code-supllier then I can handle (or understand since english is not my main-language).
I am just looking for a code ( and I suppose included in a tinker-code) to be able to switch my 2-wired thermostate of the central heating on and off, straight from my smartphone SparkCore-app…
I am thinking about using a thermocouple on the breadbed, connecting the transistorexit with the thermostate-circuit.
Is there such a code available somewhere?
I would be very pleased getting my heating on, driving homeward, before it becomes wintertime…(-;

If it’s just a switch you need to (dis)connect, you could simply use a relay with the provided tinker app.

@twanco, take a look here: