When will the holy grail of Internet embedded hardware?

I would love to see a BlE + Cell + Wifi… At least wifi and BLE in one module would be awesome! Hope particle doesn’t take long :smile:

RedBear Duo?

Shox!. I have to check it out… Sounds about right for me!

I ordered up a few Simblees after watching what it can do.

I don’t know anything about Simblees and what they’re capable of, but that video has the highest bullshit-to-information ratio I’ve ever seen. :laughing:


I am playing with simblee since 3 days. I must tell that it is an amazing little unit. Hooked an ADXL345 via i2c an an rgb led via spi. All is working well. In ten minutes I was able to create some 128 bit service uuids and get notified about temperature and accel axis changes. Not bad.
The BLE stack at the moment has no docs about central mode or simblee to simblee communication, but it will come.

Yea where they really stand out is how you can code the iOS & soon to be Android app right into the Arduino code. This makes it so much easier to make apps for iOS & Android devices. Can’t wait to get the time to actually try to use these in a new product I’m building.

Indeed ! Since in the end you don’t code for iOS at all. The idea to give an empty frame to fill up with images and the like is brilliant !

Why not LoPy ? :smile:

I’m waiting on them to get the web connectivity part of the App working so you can just send the data up to the web via the phones web connection. Add that along with the easy to create applications and it’s a certianly a one of a kind BLE device.

I wish the community behind it was larger like the community here.

At 7x12 mm (antenna included) you can’t go wrong :wink:

Their roots are in rfduino. Same CEO.

True, even if Tolson (a mod) is often helpful replying to questions.

I strongly suspect that the Simblees are just the RFDuino in a different package. I think it is basically the same hardware - the company is the same, in any case. If that’s true, then I have used them since a couple of years and they are really great. I used the peer to peer protocol they offer. Was able with some careful programming to run a pair for a year with a coin cell battery in each so that one of them would send the other a message when a door was opened. Also they work fine as IBeacons.