What would you do with a thermal laminator?

Today, Amazon has a special on a Thermal Laminator. I’m guessing that if nothing else, there’s probably more than $17 worth of useful parts in there.

But what you you do with one of these? Thermal transfer PCB boards? Or scrap it and build something new?

@dougal, you could use it for thermal PCB transfer but I’m not sure it’s hefty enough. :smile:

Me either! I’ve heard of people doing it, but I think in some cases, they had to run the board through multiple times. And I don’t know if there’s much temperature difference between various models.

I’m guessing the heating element probably doesn’t get hot enough for use in 3D printing types of applications, either. But surely there’s some interesting application, beyond laminating paper?

@dougla, dried flowers between clear plastic laminating sheets. You can make your very own Xmas gifts… NOT! :laughing:

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