Solder P1 Board on PCB by Hand?

Hello, I am wondering if it is possible (and how to if possible) to solder the P1 board onto a custom PCB board by hand. I do not have access to industrial services, and I need to create a custom PCB to make sure the P1 board fits into my project (the photon does not). If this is not possible, I would be glad to be introduced to some industrial services yall recommend.


I would not recommend soldering a P1 by hand, because it’s a attached by pads on the bottom.

The Photon (no headers) and E Series have castellated edges that can be soldered by hand with a soldering iron, but the P1 does not.

You can hand-assemble one with solder paste, but you need a reflow oven. I use an inexpensive T962 reflow oven that works fine for making one or two boards.

Or you could try one of the DIY techniques like using a skillet, but the P1 is a pretty sensitive component to do that with. It might work, or might not.

SeeedStudio PCBA carries the P1 in their standard parts library so you can have them build a complete board for you in small quantities without having to special order the P1s.

Thank you very much! Sorry that I was not specific, but I have my board already created. My question now is how can I physically print/create the board. From the sound of it, it sounds extremely difficult to create it by hand, so I was wondering if there were any companies in the US (or Canada) that could create/print a few of these board that would include the P1 perfectly soldered on.


This service should allow for that.

Expresspcb does a good job, maybe pricey with small lot sizes.

Hey @rickkas7 with the T-962 Reflow oven, which curve from the menu have you seen works best? Secondly do you use some solder paste as well? Or does it work without as well?

The pads on the bottom of the P1 are tinned, but you still need solder paste to make a good connection.

I prefer to use low-temperature lead-free solder paste, in this case Sn42/Bi57/Ag1 with a melting point 137°C (278°F). That can be reflowed on the T-962 with Wave 1.

It’s possible to apply the solder paste with the small tip but it’s way easier if you get a stencil made.