Soldering photon without headers

I’m looking for suggestions of how to solder particle photon without headers on a pcb with hand tools.

I normally work with hot airgun and solder iron and I can solder almost anything I want (like 0402 and very fine pitch parts) but with the photon and pads under it, I’m not sure what would be the best way because I’m using the surface mounts pads under it to control things.

I was able to desolder photon without headers with hot air but I wanted to know if you had any suggestions regarding soldering this.

The board is already populated with components on both sides.

Right now I’m using a Kada 852D+ soldering station.


You want to get some solder paste, apply it to your pads, “stick on” the Photon.
Then you can put your PCB with the Photon up in an old teflon pan and heat on your hob till the paste melts.
Then “quickly” but carefully remove from pan to let cool down.