Particle P1 soldering

Particle P1 pads are tinned. I wonder if the application of solder paste - for reflow soldering - on the corresponding pads of our trial PCB would be superfluous? The pads of our PCB are also tinned. Do you think that the application of flux paste instead of solder paste is enough? There is the case for invisible “solder bridges” (i.e. short circuit) among adjacent pads of P1 if there is solder surplus!
Thanks for any info.

How about completely dispensing with headers? You can get the photon both with and without header pins in this shop.

The P1 doesn’t have headers, it’s the production version of the Photon.
As for the actual question, maybe @rickkas7 can assist.

@fotis I do not think so, get your stencil apertures,printing & placement right and there really should be no risk of bridging, the pitch is perfectly generous, the nastiest bit are the pads in the middle of the device. I would never expect tinning to present enough solder for a reliable solder joint.
Even when tinned pads like this can be barely level or even lower than the surrounding sooldermask, the paste ensures you bridge that gap.