What is the Boron pinout?

Does anyone know where I could find the Boron pinout? The feather spec leaves some wiggle room (in order to be compatible with a wide variety of chips), so it doesn’t address specifics such as which GPIOs are also PWMs, whether there will be a DAC, etc…

The Boron pins should be the same as the Xenon:



Do you know what Module-A vs. Module-B is, and why pins A0…3 are PWM without a Module?

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@rickkas7 Also, what is pin MODE referred to in the top left? What should we connect it to? The feather spec says it’s either AREF, or nothing: https://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-feather/feather-specification.

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You should leave the MODE pin unconnected in your design. It’s connected to the MODE button, which has a pull-up on it.

You would use this if you wanted to connect an external button to enter setup mode.

It’s not a perfect fit for the use of AREF, but it’s not a horrible match and it frees up a pin for use by GPIO.

AREF - this is the Analog Reference if there is one for the chip. If there is not, keep this pin not-connected. We recommend Wings don’t require this pin as not all chips have external ARef’s.