2.8 TFT Pinout for Xenon?


Hi, After reading the forums all day and trying different things i am still at a loss.

I am trying to upgrade my Xenon screen to a 2.8 TFT LCD Shield V3.

I wish I had of seen the https://www.adafruit.com/product/3315 before I bought mine as this one has the feathering shield on the back where as mine does not.

In @rickkas7 github he states that the library is still compatible with my version

In rickkas7 comments it states:

There aren’t any wires necessary, but it does use the following pins:

  • SD (SD card CS) = D2
  • RT (Touch screen CS) = D3
  • TFT_CS (display) = D4
  • D/C (display) = D5

My question is, I cant work out how those pins correspond to my screen and my Xenon.??? What to connect to what to get it to work?



I can’t tell whether this display supports SPI for the TFT, but the library only supports SPI and not parallel (LCD_D0…LCD_D7) communication.


Sorry here is the dataSheet

I’m going to guess that’s my problem :frowning: Fast Parallel interface not SPI??


Yup, as it seems the SPI pins are for the SD card slot only.


Thanks @ScruffR. I just ordered the TFT FeatherWing - 2.4" 320x240 Touchscreen For All Feathers.
Can I shout you a 6 pack or a few coffee’s? I feel your assistance here in the forums goes unrewarded.


The appreciation of the community goes a long way and Particle has been kind too - so no, it doesn’t go unrewarded, but anything ontop of that is always welcome :wink: