What does three orange(?) flashes mean after blue and green flashing?

Trying to get my device connected. (It has been connecting at home fine, now I’m somewhere else on a different network.) troubleshooting guide says this means “connection failure, bad handshake” but I then do not see any guidance on what to actually do in that situation. I’ve also just gone through the key doctor process but that didn’t help. thanks

Usually this should be self-healing (hence it got changed from red to orange a while back).
If it’s not check if CoAP port is open or other network restrictions get in your way.

thanks for the COAP clue.

i’d like to definitively determine if the network i’m using (at a school where I have no control over its configuration) is the culprit. thus i’d like to use something like netcat to see if i can reach a coap test server.

i’ve found reference to some coap test servers here:

coap://californium.eclipse.org:5683/ (reference: http://iot.eclipse.org/getting-started)

not being a tcp expert, does anyone know how i might use netcat to ping that server and thus determine if port 5683 (default coap port from what i’ve read) is open? I figure i’ll try at home first, then try at the school.


Your school network does not use a captive portal by any chance, this would be a possible problem too.

they do use captive on their wifi, but i am now trying a direct connect to the network (via cable) to my laptop and then sharing the internet connection via wifi on the mac.

as for coap, i’ve found a ruby gem for coap so i’ll use that to test if the port is open.

geez. hours and hours of work. i really cannot wait for the 3G version of the particle.

The Electron is just round the corner :wink:
Looking promising and working quite nicely already :smile: