What do you think about the new raspberry pi the zero?

It looks like the raspberry foundation have gone it again with a new version of the pi the zero.
They started the cheap embedded computer movement by offering a cheap computer which could run full linux for £25 ?.
How they have made it so cheap they are offering it with there magazine for free.
So that time is almost here , a computer in every box of cornflakes !!


The C.H.I.P is better. The C.H.I.P has full size usb and is open hardware and has wifi and bluetooth. It has a connector for lipo batteries. It also has 4 GB of on board storage. Sure the Pi Zero is cheaper before you add everything else you need. The C.H.I.P has most if not all of what you need to get started built right in.

Yes at $24 with hdmi , not really the same and it’s a kickstarter.
The cubietruck is even better and it has 2 full usb 2 ports and sata , 4gb flash , 2 gb ram .
But still not the same.

It’s no longer a kickstarter and now you can pre order it for $9 at http://getchip.com . What do you mean it’s not the same? The cubietruck costs about $90 and at that price of course it will be better. Who says you need to add hdmi to the chip. I am perfectly fine with an analog video output. I plan to use my C.H.I.P headless anyway.

If you want hdmi it’s $24 compared to $4 which is 6 times more.
We will have to see what happens to the board in a year or so now it is out of kickstarter , will people stock it.
O.k I’m a bit unfair because I would use it headless too , i don’t think having a sd card over flash is a big disadvantage because some people like having it on a sd card due to it’s easy to install and change.

The C.H.I.P has a smaller (almost non existent when compared with the Raspberry Pi’s community). Since the C.H.I.P boots off of it’s on board flash it would presumably boot faster. I think the C.H.I.P would be better for projects because it has a connector for lipo batteries.