What are the E0 module RGB LED resistor values?

RE: E0 module RGB LED resistor values. What value resistors should be put in series with the Red, Blue and Green RGB LED used in the Particle E0 Module to produce the correct colors? I am using a 5mm LED, whose specification says the Red LED is typically supplied with 2.0 volts, and the Blue and Green LEDs are supplied with 3.0 volts. These specifications are for 20 ma of current, and normal brightness. I am aware that some devices do not supply the full 20 ma current for these LEDs, and so use much higher resistances. I could not find the resistor values used by Particle.io for the RGB LED. Can someone advise?

I think I found my answer in the E0 integration manual. The resistors they use are 1k for all of the colors of the RGB LED.

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