Need recommendation/advise on SMD LEDs


I’m looking for reccomendations/advise on what SMD LEDs to use for one of my PCBs. I’d like Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and possibly Amber as well. From a size point of view. The size and brightness point of view, the Node MCU board’s onboard LED will work but I’m obviously open to suggestions. I’ve never bought ot used/soldered SMD LEDs and when I look out there, there are so many to choose from it’s quite daunting, honestly.

Thank you.

@shiv, you do know that this forum is for Particle users, not NodeMCU right? The selection of SMD LEDs can be daunting but I suggest that if you hand assemble your boards, use 0603 parts for easier handling though you could do 0402 parts. Also remember that different colors have different forward voltages to turn them on. This will affect the value of series current limiting resistor you need to use for each LED, thus affecting brightness. Most of these LEDs will take a max of about 20ma but make sure to read the specs on the ones you chose. Picking the right resistors is important so that some LEDs don’t look brighter than others. Here is an online calculator to help you with the resistor calculations:


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