Webooks and Special Events

I’ve been using webhooks to receive events published by the device. The webhook requires authentication and I am including an authentication header when creating the webhook. This all works - however, I am also interested in having my webhook listen to the special webhook events such as device connection status (https://docs.particle.io/reference/api/#special-webhook-events). How do I configure these special events to indicate the webhook URL to be called and provide the authentication data? I am using product webhooks - Introducing Product Webhooks!

Hey @ruku,

Seems like you’ll just want to create a webhook that listens for the particular system event name you’re looking for. Specifically, you’d want to create a webhook triggered by the spark/status event. Note that you will receive other system events like flashing, safe mode, etc (not just online/offline events).

You can also switch to listening to your product’s event stream using server-send events (SSE) as an alternative to webhooks, which will include these events. Please see https://docs.particle.io/reference/api/#product-event-stream for details.

Hope this helps,