WebIDE Threads and Firmware 1.4.x ... Code will not run, solid white light

When I compile code that includes the “Thread” function on the Web-IDE, it will not run on an electron if it’s compiled with target firmware 1.4.1 or 1.4.2.
The device will show a solid white light.
If I select target firmware 1.2.1 in the IDE, the code will run.

Here’s a sample code to try

#include "Particle.h"
#include "Serial4/Serial4.h"
#include "Serial5/Serial5.h"
#include "cellular_hal.h"

void threadFunction(void *param);
Thread thread("testThread", threadFunction);
system_tick_t lastThreadTime = 0;
volatile int counter = 0;

unsigned long time5;
volatile unsigned long timer5s = 0;

void setup()

	time5 = millis();

void threadFunction(void *param) {
	while(true) {

		// Delay so we're called every 10 milliseconds (100 times per second)
		os_thread_delay_until(&lastThreadTime, 10);
	// You must not return from the thread function

void loop()
	if (millis() - time5 > 5000 || millis() < time5) {
		Serial5.println("Loop. Millis=" + String(millis()));
		time5 = millis();
		Serial5.println("Counter: " + String(counter));

Hello Arne,

I can duplicate the issue.

@avtolstoy or @rickkas7 - would you be willing to comment on any Device OS changes w/r/t threading in the above?

Strikethrough: Ignore the context about solid white light, that’s by design. (I misread this as breathing white, not solid white, apologies, working way too quickly this AM).

Of note is:

  • the loop() fails to advance on 1.4.2
  • the loop() advances on 1.2.1

Thanks for your comment.

Actually, @ahk - are you saying that your device breathes cyan on 1.2.1 running this code?? That would be surprising to me. Mine does not, mine breathes white. But the loop fails.

Did some more testing:
Works with 1.2.1
Fails on 1.3.1, 1.4.1, 1.4.2

And yes, my devices breathe cyan and are connected properly when compiled for 1.2.1
(electron Firmware is 1.2.1, 1.4.1, 1.4.2)

If I compile with 1.4.x selected. the device shows a solid white light.
I also tried this code with 1.0.1 and 1.1.0 - works fine

I cannot duplicate the connection side of things (mine breathes white on 1.2.1 after a proper downgrade), but I can confirm the firmware failure, so I look forward to the eyes of someone with greater insight into DeviceOS changes.

The sample code breathes white because it’s missing a
in setup()

As soon as I select “Device OS target” >= 1.3.1 in the Web IDE, the devices will be solid white.

The actual firmware on the devices does not matter. I have some electrons flashed OTA (where there is no firmware downgrade) so they are running firmware 1.4.1 and the code compiled with “Device OS target” = 1.2.1. (works). Compile with Device OS target 1.4.1 and they fail.

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Yup, that makes sense to me, thanks for the clarifications.

I believe the problem is likely the use a globally allocated thread. Because the order of object initialization varies unpredictably, this is not a good idea. I will update the threads tutorial to not do that in the future if this is what is happening.

Remove this global variable:

Thread thread("testThread", threadFunction);

And instead at the end of setup() add:

new Thread("testThread", threadFunction);
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What is the difference between creating a thread in the way you mention, vs using os_thread_create ? I see that used sometimes in users’ code and libraries etc, but don’t see any reference to it in the docs and I’m just curious.

@rickkas7: Looks good.
I have flashed 4 electrons with FW 1.4.1 and the “new Thread()” in setup and they are all back online!