Webhooks won't accept query parameter names with a dot!


I’m trying to push data from a Photon to a google Form. To do this, I publish an event with the data set to a JSON of my ‘question’ responses, and webhook this event to hit the google forms ‘formResponse’ URL.

However… my webhook needs to specify a ‘query’ section for the different question names in the google form, and these are in the form “event.” eg “entry.234787474”. The problem is that the webhook creation fails with:

Failed to create, server said {}
Potentially unhandled rejection [1] {“ok”:false,“msg”:“create-response”,“error”:{}} (WARNING: non-Error used)
If I change the query variable to not have a ‘.’, then it accepts it (but obviously google won’t understand!)

Any ideas why the dot in the query variable name is refused?


Note: if I use the “form” section instead of query, same problem. If I add the query section directly to the URL, the webhook is accepted but google rejects the update (presumably coz its not sent as a url-encoded value?)

The webhook json:
“event”: “com.wyres.response”,
“url”: “https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1FUjUIdjFz7GuOcWpoStigP7sIqC2Vc2N1JEGYI_5wO9/formResponse”,
“requestType”: “POST”,
“query”: {
“entry.699116418” : “{{q1}}”,
“entry.1402135821” : “{{q2}}”,
“entry.1250203469” : “{{q3}}”
“noDefaults” : true,
“mydevices”: true