Webhooks Question

Hi, I know webhooks are beta at the moment but I’d like to take them for a spin anyway so I asked @Dave to add me to the beta (thanks @Dave :))

I have a question though, I see according to the help in the CLI that you can specify a JSON object when creating a webhook which contains a query attribute. What does this do and does it facilitate the sending of variables? If so, would that only be the one specified by query at the time the webhook was created or can it be modified at the time Spark.publish is called?

What I’m trying to achieve is to send an integer to a php script that resides on a private server, much the same as writing www.mysite.com/rxVar.php?myInt=1 to do a GET.

My core will be connected to the cloud at all times but I won’t have a web browser open but I’d like my core to send the data to the php script every say ten minutes, the script in turn will do a CURL and call a Spark.function with the response data.

Looking at the CLI help for webhooks, as I’m understanding it, you can use them to fire a URL on your, own server but I don’t see a way to use Spark.publish and webhooks to utilize sending data to that URL, ie almost passing variable through the cloud API to the url, the model I have in mind looks like this :smile:

Spark.publish -> SparkCloud -> CloudCallsWebhookURL - > MyServerURLGetsCalled

If there is someone who has experience of webhooks and Spark.publish who could let me know how to send variables that would be great. Again, I don’t want to publish events to an open webpage but to a server.

Thanks, Rick.