Json, rest, jquery, publish, http, tcp,hooks

I am ok with programming the Spark and have learned to interface with other devices etc and want to learn the “Dark” side… meaning the Web/HTML but there seems to be so many different ways of accomplishing things. I have read through some of the publish tutorials etc but don’t know where to focus my attention.

My basic requirement is to send Sensor values to the Spark and I want to view those on a web page and send some interactions back to the Spark. These may be text inputs to change parameters, turn inputs ON/OFF etc.
Question 1) Where to focus my attention to implement the above.
Question 2) If I plan to sell this device, and a customer would want to view his device on a web page, what are the implications of doing this on the Cloud? meaning If I have 200 customers, how do they get to see their device, each have a cloud login? costs?
Question 3) If this is limited to the local network, does the answers to Question 1 still apply?

Is there a tutorial or document somewhere that explains all these terms and their uses? It seems everything i read assumes the reader already knows what a hook or a curl or a script is.
Any pointers are appreciated.

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  1. For web <-> Core connections I would suggest reading through the tutorials provided by @bko. They’re basic enough, and documented enough that you should be able to read along with what’s happening. Start off easy, toggle a LED with a web button for example. Then work your way up from there.

  2. Mostly yes. There are some other protocols you might be able use on a local network, but the HTML stuff will work as well.