Webhook Tutorial - Send a SMS!

Hello all, I recorded a quick video tutorial for sending an SMS from your Spark Core using Webhooks and Tropo. An existing tutorial exists for the competing (but still very awesome) service Twilio which you can find here.

Here’s the YouTube Video!

To get started you will need the Spark CLI installed. Once you have that installed a logged in go ahead and open up the following websites in their own tabs:

  1. Tropo.com - https://www.tropo.com/
  2. Spark WebIDE - https://build.spark.io
  3. Spark Fleet Dashboard - https://dashboard.spark.io/
  4. SendSMS Webhook Example - https://github.com/harrisonhjones/webhook-examples

Let me know what y’all think. Does the video format work? Suggestions?

If you have additional ideas for Webhook tutorials I’d be happy to provide them.

[Edit] Tropo has since changed their policies and are making it much harder to setup a free account to send SMS. If your SMSs aren’t arriving then you will need to enable outbound SMS which requires you to cut a ticket to their tech support explaining your setup]


Thanks for the tutorial. Wondering if you have experience with GET webhooks for twilio. I’m able to set up sending an SMS (POST webhook) but I can’t seem to GET the response. Example flow: POST “Whats your favorite color? 1=blue 2=green 3=something else” then the response might be “1”. From there I can use that value to change my neopixel to blue. Any advice?