Webhook Returns Undefined Values into Google Sheets

I am relaying values from an ultrasonic range detector to Google Sheets using a webhook. I have had success using Gustavo Gonnet’s tutorial. My values are being filled into Google Sheets but all the values (except timestamp) are shown as undefined. I haven’t found a solution yet. If you need any screenshots, or code, I am happy to post.


Hi Jeff,

have you looked at some other tips given by the community on this thread?

You mention you had success on this, so is this a new project? a new spreadsheet?
One thing to note is that the columns have to match what is being pushed in the webhook…

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The man himself!

I did read this over, and as far as I can tell, I can’t see anything that would solve my problem. I am new, so it is possible that it is something that I am overlooking. This is my first project with Particle, and I created the spreadsheet as per these instructions. I have had success in terms of all the other steps leading up to this.

This is the header in my spreadsheet.


This is the line in my code that publishes my data:

Particle.publish(“MySensor”, String(finalRange));

Is this what you meant by…

I have mostly kept everything else unchanged from what was in your tutorial.

hehe, Hi Jeff,

cell B1 shows MySensor but the original page shows name:

unless you know how to change the javascript code, I’ll leave a name there :wink:
That is usually the cause of the undefined…
Hope it helps!

EDIT: I remember changing column names once but never came back to modify the write up. Maybe in 2019?

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I changed it from name to MySensor while trying to fix the original problem. I put original column names back and still seeing undefined results come in.

Not exactly sure what this means, sorry!

Hey Jeff,
I must admit this is a very difficult topic to troubleshoot since it contains many moving parts.
What I would suggest is to re-do the whole thing, carefully, making sure not to miss a step.
I know, not pleasant, but might save you a lot of troubleshooting time.


After going through again, I realized that I did not exactly replicate the form data.

After realizing that that is what ties it to the column, it is now working! Thank you Gus! Legend!


ultra excellent to hear that, Jeff, and congrats to you for trying the whole thing again and finding the mistake!