Webhook response maximum data size on 3.0.0

Upgraded an argon to 3.0.0 in order to test the new publish and subscribe limits. When publishing a 950 byte JSON payload to Ubidots, I see the webhook response, which my argon subscribes to, is still split into multiple 512 byte chunks instead of 1024 byte chunks. Is this a Particle cloud limitation that hasn’t been upgraded yet or could I be missing something?

AFAICT the webhook response split threshold is independent of the maximum size the device can send/receive.
For one the webhook would need take into account what device OS the subscribing device is running and which device it is as Gen2 and Gen3 do have different maxima (864 vs. 1024). Even before 3.0.0 the devices could already send/receive 622 bytes and the split threshold still was 512.
Hence I’m not positive this will change any time soon and if I’d expect it to be the lowest common denominator.

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ScruffR is correct.

Also, changing the size has the potential to break a lot of implementations. Since the webhook responses can arrive out of order, having both the size and order be variable makes it impossible to make an efficient implementation for saving the data in flash memory. 512 is also a good choice because it’s the same size as a flash sector.


Thanks to you both for the information @ScruffR & @rickkas7

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