Failed Webhook Response After Upgrading Firmware

Was running an Argon with 0.9.0, and it was working great triggering product webhooks and receiving responses from Ubidots. Upgraded the Argon to 1.2.0 beta.1, and despite the Argon publishing the webhook, it no longer receives webhook responses from Ubidots, so the Argon can’t send any data to Ubidots. I have a Particle.subscribe running on the Argon that is looking for the proper response from Ubidots when a webhook is sent. Using this subscribe, I have a small routine that will retry sending the Webhook up to 10 times (without overloading the publish limit), and changing no other things in code, after upgrading from 0.9.0 to 1.2.0 beta.1, the routine just keeps retrying the webhook to no avail.

When running a beta firmware version, is there a kind of provisioning in the Particle cloud API that isn’t available for product webhooks until the firmware is marked as stable and current? I’m thinking that there could be something happening behind the scenes that is making the published webhook “invisible” to Ubidots. Anyone else have any problems with product webhooks after upgrading firmware?

Just tried the same application on 1.1.0 and 1.2.0 beta.1, and my Argon successfully receives webhook responses after publishing on 1.1.0 but not on 1.2.0 beta.1.
Has anyone else had trouble like this?

Just found a temporary fix to this issue. I didn’t change the number of Particle.subscribe calls between upgrading the base firmware on my Argon - I have 4 subscribe calls (the maximum). On any firmware beyond 1.1.0, the 4th subscribe doesn’t register, which explains why my subscribe to a webhook response wasn’t firing. I commented out the first 3 subscribe calls in my code when running 1.2.1 rc.1, and the webhook response is now seen by my subscribe event.

Just noticed that 1.2.1 rc.3 added the total event handlers from 5 to 6.