WebApp for photon

Hi guys
Currently I’m searching for a webapp that will let me do a contour plot, I’m gathering data from different sensors and feeding my photon with it.
I came across the dash from plot.ly; Have anyone try it before and knows how to implement it? or any other webapp creator that might be good for what I’m looking for?
examples:dash plot.ly; ubidot, etc


You can look :eyes: at Losant and their Particle integration or Ubidots.

I use Losant and really like it.

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Thanks for the recommendation, unfortunately losant doesn’t have a contour plot.

I use ThingSpeak which has integrated MatLab support to generate Real-Time Temperature Contours (& 3D Surfaces showing Temp Variations) for buildings.
But I noticed dash plot.ly says it has the ability to perform the same MatLab functionality.

I can give you some pointers for ThingSpeak if you decide to go that route…but I don’t have any experience with dash plot.ly. It looks interesting though.

Losant allows you to use Vega Light to create custom dashboard widgets above and beyond their built in dashboard widgets.

You can see a ton of different graphing styles at this link: https://vega.github.io/vega-lite/examples/

Thanks for the recommendation, I will test it to see if it fits me.

Well, that I didn`t know, let me try it out. thanks

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