Web IDE doesn't seem to allow firmware roll-back

I apologize for not having time to test this further, but shortly before or after upgrading my Photon to 0.4.5 to fix the springf float issue, I began getting occasionally momentary high readings on my DS18B20 (from normal 80F jumps to 134F at random intervals).
I decided to roll back the firmware to see if it was related. Selected 0.4.4 from the firmware drop-down. Saved, compiled and flashed. The flash was rather short - like a normal update, not like the update to 0.4.5 which took several minutes.
I haven’t checked the actual version on the Photon, but my

sprintf(cTempF, "%2.1f", fahrenheit);

still works and should be displaying a 0 if the firmware was 0.4.4

Anyone else encounter this rollback issue?

Hi @MisterNetwork!

Presently the Web IDE doesn’t support automatic rollback. We were discussing this just today and have a plan to enable it, but it will be some weeks before it’s available.

To roll back now, you will need to grab the files from github and apply them in reverse order - that is system-part2 then system-part1.

So, to rollback to 0.4.4, download the files from github releases, then run

particle flash YOUR_DEVICE_NAME  system-part2-0.4.4-photon.bin
particle flash YOUR_DEVICE_NAME  system-part1-0.4.4-photon.bin

If you get the order wrong, no harm will be done, but it simply won’t be saved on the device until the order is correct!

I hope that helps :smile:

(btw, I’d be surprised if changes in 0.4.5 have affected your sensor readings since they are sent via onewire - readings are checked by CRC. But if you dicover to the contrary, please share!)


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Does the Web IDE support rollback of firmware yet? I see the same behavior as listed in this post.

Specifically, I installed 0.7.0-rc.3 and was seeing some odd behavior and wanted to go back to 0.6.2, which can be selected but flashing or refreshing the web IDE doesn’t seems to install the older firmware.

Are there any plans to allow this?

In the web IDE, you select the user firmware version, not the system version. It automatically updates because it notices you require a higher system version to comply with the user version. There’s no real need to do that if the system version is greater than the user version.

You can downgrade with the CLI if it’s really necessary.