Web application development

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I figured this was a good place to start looking for a web developer to help me with the design and programming of a web based application to access and control my core based systems. I have developed an Access based system which can talk and listen to my cores and tell them what to do through a function. I now want to program a web based system so I can offer users a site to log in to for controlling the machines. My reason for using Access originally was I need to access a database of cores and whom they are registered too. This would be a necessary part of the web based system. I know this is way beyond any expertise I have, so am looking for someone who would like to work with me on this.
If anyone is interested in working on this project please let me know, it will of course be a paid for development this is for a product that will be rolled out in the company I work for. To kick off discussions you can post in this thread or PM me.

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Hi @casm

Interested in following this as I’m planning the same web base usages etc