We are the engineers behind the new Dashboard, Ask Us Anything

Jeff and JT here, the engineers who designed and built the new Spark Dashboard – You may have heard about it in an earlier announcement. We also were part of the redesign of spark.io. We’re here until 4pm PST today, so Ask Us Anything!"


Can you make it show on/offline events, even without publishing anything ?

Seems like you need to publish < something > to make < anything > show up.

And yes - I know that online events are far, far more numerous that off-line events.

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Hi @AndyW! Great question. The event stream we use does include both online and offline events, so you should see those events coming through on the dashboard even if you aren’t publishing your own events from your devices. They will be marked as a slightly different color to differentiate system vs. user events

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I noticed that the scrolling bar graph doesn’t always show all events. Is it designed to filter out some events? If so, what are the filter criteria?

Hi Guys,

Good stuff the dashboard, use it all the time during debug.
What does the legenda on the left and right mean of the event graph.

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@Muskie Hi there! The event graph should show all user events published from your devices sent to the Spark cloud, as well as online/offline events. In the future, we’d like to add the ability to see when functions are called or variables are set.

Hey, Muskie.

So, the scrolling bar only shows your events coming through. If you’re publishing an event, and we’re not registering it, that’s a bug, and we’d love to dig in to make sure all the events coming through hit the visualization.

Are the missing events published publicly, or privately?

The dashboard seems to stop showing events after some time (not sure how long) but it still scrolls and
looks like events should be coming in. Is there a timeout and if so then can it show that it has timed out?

@marcus thanks for the question! Those numbers indicate the number of events received over the 4 second bucket that each bar graph represents

@AndyRawson, yeah, that’s a known issue, and we’ll tackle it soon. The client is supposed to reconnect to the event stream if there is an interruption. We’ll also be implementing a max # of events that the browser will hold onto, so if you leave your browser tab open over, say a month, we won’t eat up all the memory on your machine.

We want to make it so as long as the window is open, and as long as your devices are sending events, that you’ll be able to see them come in in realtime. We also want to make sure the browser doesn’t run out of RAM.

We’ll be getting those fixes in pretty soon.

Did that answer your question?



Thanks so much for the redesign, and for getting the dashboard off the ground - I’m really looking forward to using the dashboard for my home applications.

Kind of insubstantial question here, but have you guys figured out which modules on the dashboard you’re planning on releasing next?

Thanks again for all your hard work - the Spark team has done some great things.

Mine are private events. I see the event data in the list at the bottom, but there is nothing in the bar graph that corresponds. Perhaps the height of the graph is limited and there are more than 3 events in the same bucket. Would the extra events be clipped at the top?

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I was able to access Dashboard yesterday. It is now asking me to login, however Dashboard thinks my creds are invalid. There is no password recovery option that i can find. Is there any thing I can do to get back in?

It can be difficult to match the events in the bar graph to the list below. It would be nice to be able to hover the mouse over an event in the graph and have a balloon pop up showing the details.

Try going here: https://build.spark.io/forgot-password
As far as I know the authentication is the same account as the build site, so it should be fine.

Actually - that’d be an important check you could do.
See if you can log in to https://build.spark.io with the same credentials.