Voice message using photon/electron

Hi!, i’m trying to send a voice message from a Photon/Electron device in order to be received on a mobile phone. By using photon, i can record audio in wav format from an external microphone, but then, how can i make it to be received/reproduced on a mobile phone?. in case i use electron with a third-party sim card, could it be possible to send a recorded voice message from it to a mobile phone?. sorry for my lack of experience with these mobile-related issues. any help will be appreciated. thanks

Have you done a forum search before posting?

Just some hits for search terms:

Hi @ScruffR … yes, i did it, but maybe not as exhaustive as it should be ;). in any case, i did not find any solution to the problem i tried to explain, in the sense that i didn’t think about using the photon/electron audio input facilities (as far as i undestood, they are not available), but an external microphone to record an audio file on the Photon/Electron, and make it received/played on a mobile phone, as an anternative (but of course, i’m open to any other ideas in order to be able to send a voice message from the Photon/Electron to a mobile phone). AS always, thenka a lot for your support.

AFAIK in order to transfer voice and audio as “voice call” the Electron would need to pass the data via the cellular module’s I2S interface which is not connected between the STM32 controler and the module.
So I wouldn’t see a solution to that and I guess this is also mentioned by @rickkas7 in some of the threads touching on that topic.

But standard data transfer will be possible irrespective of the high level interpretation of the binary data.

Best way to do this is to use Twillio and have the Electron trigger their service to call phone numbers with pre-recorded messages.