Verizon Mifi "HTTP GET" issues

I am trying to send weather station data from a Photon using the HTTP GET commands to Weather Underground through a wifi connection generated from a Verizon Mifi Jetpack with no luck. I have tried everything I can think of in the Jetpack configuration with no luck at all. I know the Photon is working as I can connect the Photon to my cellphone hotspot (using Verizon) or my office router and data is sent perfectly. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Not sure this is relevant… since your GET corresponds to a TCP connection from your device then to WiFi then to the MiFi then across that NAT to the WAN. An outward connection.

But Verizon on LTE does a double-NAT to your MiFi device. So you’ll see that your MiFi device WAN side has a net 10 address (10.x.x.x) whereas in 3G celluar you got a public IP address.

So with LTE, unless you pay for a static public IP address, you can’t run a server that listens for incoming packets.

This is the link from the MiFi to Verizon. The WiFi link should not be involved.

If your client is always the initiater, it should work.