Variables / functions going missing

ADMIN NOTE – Moved from Updates for the Status Incident of May 4th

Thanks for the update. My devices are seemingly connecting fine, but variables/functions are going missing randomly. A SIM card deactivation/re-activation fixes it but randomly reoccurs. So far only 3 Electrons. Is missing variables/functions related to this issue? Running device OS 0.7.0.

Hey klingoh,

That is not something that we’re aware of as a part of this incident. If your device has been online since the crash, it is not being impacted by this issue.

Variables/functions go missing whenever a device has gone offline or lost connectivity. If a SIM toggle fixes it, that seems to suggest it is likely trying to communicate to the tower but potentially timing out. That suggests weak connectivity to me.

Feel free to DM me your device ID in question and I can look into this to see if I’m noticing a lot of resent packets. It may be helpful to try and run clouddebug on this device if it is one you have physical access to.