Timeout / Disappearing Functions and Variables?

Hi, everyone,

I have a unit installed in a very “cellular-weak” area. Occasionally, my Functions and Variables, which normally register and update flawlessly, will just disappear from the console a few hours or days after booting. I can still ping the device, and scheduled Publish operations continue to work.

Just wondering: Does the Particle cloud time out if the “keep alive” fails, say for an hour or two (or longer)?

Any other thoughts as to what might be disappearing my Variables and Functions would be welcome. Yes, I know the root cause is the weak cellular, so I’m mostly just trying to get an understanding of the failure modes and any cascading effects.


Hi Michael,

Sorry for the difficulties. If this is something you still regularly observe, I encourage you to open a ticket with support shortly after you’re able to reproduce this bad behavior and provide the device ID of the unit(s) in question.

Thank you!