/v1/products returning empty result

Hi there,

I have been trying to get a list of products associated with a Team Member to return on the /v1/products endpoint, but have been continually getting this result:

    "products": []

The team member has a single product assigned to him at the moment. I am using a correct access token because when I explicitly use the product ID (/v1/products/:productIdOrSlug) the data returns and am able to move forward:

    "product": {
        "id": xxxxx,
        "platform_id": 10,
        "name": "xxxxx",
        "slug": "xxxxx",
        "description": "",
        "subscription_id": xxxxx,
        "mb_limit": null,
        "groups": [
        "settings": {
            "quarantine": true
        "user": "xxxxx"

Whats strange about the result is that the “user” portion is only showing the owner of the product and not any team member. I am not sure if this is expected.

I am building an Admin application for various team members to use to simplify their job and without being able to view Products via the API is hindering this task.

Help would be much appreciated with this.

Thanks :slight_smile:

To add to this issue the RESTful API documentation states that the /v1/products call produces a list of products that “the currently authenticated user has access to (API v1.0.0)” The user has access to the product, but nothing shows us.

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