v0.4.4-rc.2 new "v" command does not work

I updated my Photon to v0.4.4-rc.2 using the particle cli to do it OTA. It seemed to work; both part 1 and part 2 caused my Photon to blink magenta for some time.

0.4.4 rc2 is said to contain a new “v” command that will return a version string “FIRM-128”. However, the “v” command does nothing for me.

It’s possible that the flash of the firmware didn’t take, but I’m not sure how to tell that.


See: Determining the version of system firmware on a Photon/P1

You boot into setup and use a serial terminal

Right. I did that using screen on OS X. When I send in an “s” I get the status JSON. However the 0.4.4-rc.2 says that a new “v” command will give an easier to read status.

v0.4.4 release for Photon & P1


  • logging output documentation
  • pressing ‘v’ in SoftAP mode displays the system version. FIRM-128

v command definitely works in v0.4.4-rc.2, but does nothing in 0.4.3-rc2. If it does nothing, try the s command and see if you get a “f”:“s” followed immediately a couple characters away by “v”:“3”, that would indicated 0.4.3-rc2.

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Ah, indeed I had 0.4.3

    "f": "s", 
    "n": "1", 
    "v": 3

I flashed the firmware OTA again and this time the v command works!!

system firmware version: 0.4.4

Now I’ll go do my other two Photons. Thanks for the help.