Using UART2 on P1 Module


According to the reference documentation for the P1 Module it says the following:

When using the P1 module, it is very important to remember that your device must have an RGB LED to show the user the connectivity status. Also required is a SETUP and RESET button to enter various Device Modes. By default the RGB LED outputs are configured for a Common Anode type of LED. These components should be wired according to the P1 Reference Design - User I/O. RGB pins may be accessed in code as: RGBR, RGBG and RGBB.

But for a customer I need two serial ports.

So only way to get two hardware serial ports is to remap RGB-LED or not to use it at all. This should however not be a problem since I can remap RGB Ports, right?

Or does the System-Firmware not allow me using RGB for UART2 ports?

You can use the USART2 easily via the Serial2 object

Ok. But I have to disable RGB-LED or remap it, right? Otherwise user application will work against system application, or?

Yes to use the pins as Serial2 and you should remap the LED.