P1 LED and buttons


I’m looking to create a project using the Particle P1. In the docs, it says that all P1 projects require an RGB LED and a setup and reset button.

The project I’m working on has an interface that contains multiple RGB LEDs as well as multiple buttons. It would make sense from a UX perspective to have the user interact with these multi-purpose buttons, rather than separate ones specifically made for the WiFi aspect of it.

Would it be possible to me to take the button inputs from the P1 and connect them to outputs of the P1 so that I can control the button presses with software? And also the opposite with the RGB LED? The idea is to have the P1 serve as a proxy between the buttons and LEDs in my project and the buttons and LED that the P1 expects to have.

Also, is there an even easier solution (that would perhaps use fewer pins) that I haven’t considered?