Custom hardware - changing status led pins


I am planning to build a custom hardware for photon, I want to use all pins of Uart 2 (rx,tx, rts, cts) so I need to move the RGB led signals to other pins.

Can you please tell me which documents / source files I should check to

  1. Move RGB led signals (PA1, PA2, PA3)
  2. Have these pins functionality changed to UART

Thanks a lot

Would this help for that

And what do you mean with 1) and 2)?

If you call RGB.control(true) the default use as RGB LED will stop and you can do with the pins what you want - either Serial2.begin() to attache the secondary function of UART or use pinMode() for the default GPIO use.

Hello Scruff,

Thanks for the answer. I am quite new to photon and trying to learn my way.
Your answer helped a lot.

  1. and 2) was nothing special, I just meant there are two things to do