PINs for Wifi Cyan LED on Photon?

I just want to add an additional LED on the box because I cant see the photon onboard LED the way I have it mounted. Are there PINS that I can solder on to add the RGB LED or easier to emulate through the code?


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Yes you can solder to the 3 pads at the bottom.

Another way is to add an RGB led (either a purely 3 led analog controlled or WS2812).

This reminds me of @wgbartley!

He used this: and

The docs reference is here with example:

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I just wrote this tutorial on using Serial2, but it also explains both options: how to access the pins on the bottom for using an external RGB status LED, and also how to redirect the LED in software to other pins.

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@kennethlimcp, thanks. I see the connection in your tutorial now.