Using the Diymall Bme280 Pressure Temperature Sensor Module?

I recently picked up a BME280 breakout board (I2C only) from Amazon ( Has anyone used one of these? I’ve tried using the two existing libraries for the Adafruit/Sparkfun versions, but neither of those want to work. My understanding from the comments on Amazon is that the device address is 0x76 (not 0x77, which is the default). However, even after changing that, and wiring up SCA to A4 and SCL to A5, it doesn’t given reasonable values.

Has anybody played with this and gotten it working?


Could it be that there are no pull up resistor for i2c on your breakout board? Did you add them manually? My Adafruit breakout board has a lot of resistors on it.

It looks like there are resistors on the bottom of the board. If you look at the photos in the original listing ( (sorry, I think the one I posted before was at the reviews), you can see a view of the bottom of the board.

I don’t know about that board specifically, but yes there should be external pull-up resistors, 1.5K to 10K on the SDA and SCL pins to 3.3V. They’re usually not on the breakout board because you can connect multiple devices to the I2C bus and you only want one pull-up for all of them. Also, are you sure you’re using the right pins? I2C on the Particle is usually D0=SDA and D1=SCL. A4/A5 are for SPI.

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Yes indeed i2c is on D0 and D1! If you get it to work you can contribute the modified library to the online IDE.
You can find a great guide here

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

The sample code I was using said that it should use A4/A5, so I trusted it in lieu of having any other information.

Thanks for your help!

Curious if you wouldn’t mind putting your code you used to post the sensor data?

This is my first project with Photon using the same sensor and I’m having some problems.

I’d appreciate it. :smile:

It’s checked in on GitHub at ButchAnton/WeatherStation_BME280_Ubidots.

awesome! thank you very much!