using the cli, (particle list) I don't get the list of my borons when I have sandbox

I want to flash from my local console, my borons that are in my account but are in my sandbox and when executing the particle list command, I don’t get the borons. Only the borons with owner my particle account appear.
The problem is that, I need all my borons to be in the sanbox since I am paying the particle subscription for 100 devices but I can’t flash it with the particle console.
given this I leave my borons out of the sandbox and I already got the warning to overcome the sandbox for free.
any suggestion to my problem?
am I doing something wrong?

Are you referring flashing from VS Code with Particle Workbench Extension or the Web IDE? Sounds like you are using the Particle CLI if you are talking about the command “Particle List”. Here’s the reference to Particle List

Can you explain a bit more in how you are trying to flash? Is this connecting directly via USB or are you going over the air?

I’m cloud flashing. But I use particle cloud flash commands a lot, this command asks for boron id. I retrieve the id with the particle list command, but the command only returns the id of the borons that are in the free sandbox, and I don’t have the id of the borons that I have in the paid sandbox.
Can I flash boros that are in a paid sandbox using the particle command console?
But my general problem is that I have to have the borons in my free account and at the same time in a paid sandbox and I don’t understand why it should be like that.

@agjrpa - Sorry I’m just not familiar enough with cloud flashing process to really know what you are running into. Only time I flash OTA is when deploying new firmware to a product.

If the device is claimed to your sandbox and/or growth plan, can you identify the Particle Device ID or find the Particle Device ID from the console in either the sandbox or growth plan to then copy/paste into whatever the Cloud flashing process is?

What IDE are you using… Cloud IDE or Workbench/VS Code? Can you share a screen shot of the dialog prompt you use when flashing? That may help provide a little more guidance from the community.

BTW… welcome to the Particle Community!