Can I push compiled firmware to the Boron LTE from the cloud?

Hello all!

I have some firmware compiled on my local Workbench (pushed into GitLab). The Boron LTE is currently locked away in another device; however, is connected to the cloud via LTE.

Is there a way that I can push code from my local through the cloud onto the Boron? Or is there a way I can compile the code and push it from the cloud interface?

To my understanding, the code will not work in the WebIDE because of a library issue, hence why I am taking the approach I am taking right now.

Thank you in advance.

I have been looking for the documentation but having a hard time finding any around this area.

Hi @jeremiahlandi,

Thanks for letting us know. You mentioned that there were library related issues and hence the code cannot compile in Web IDE. Could you elaborate more about this error you faced? Thanks.

Particle Technical Support

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@particle7888 Let me follow up with the other developer. I am the second one to pickup this project so only know so much “at this time”.

I’ll grab what I can.

You can cloud flash locally compiled binaries.
The CLI command would simply be

particle flash <youDeviceNameOrID> <yourLocalFirmware.bin>

You can also cloud compile locally stored libraries by simple removing the dependency entry of said library in the file which will then use the local copy of your library for cloud compiling and flashing.


@ScruffR DO you have a link? If not I’ll dig into this a bit more. Thank you!

Seen my edit above?
Here’s the link

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@ScruffR Thank you! Reading down it now.

GxEPD libraries were one. Those were from the eink. I was having trouble with the I2C expander one, but it was intermittent. When the web ide would flash it would sometimes hang the processor after an update and it would have to be reset using the buttons on the board.

The particle workbench installs the CLI and almost nothing else beyond a splash screen on vscode. We had to use the CLI when the firmware would hang to flash the tinker firmware (it acts kind of like a factory reset). Boron FW restore

We also have to use the cli to manually write the setup flag if something happened during the firmware flash and the board got stuck in “listening mode” and couldn’t be reset using the particle app’s pairing process

@particle7888 I hope this helps and any fixes would be welcome. Since then we have moved away from the particle hosting the eink to an integration a where the Boron passes the information via serial to the raspberry Pi which has the eink.