Using SparkCore from .Net Applications

I have built a library for talking to the SparkCore from a .Net application. The library has two classes for communicating with the TinkerAPI which is loaded by default. It also can make generic calls to spark.function()'s and spark.variable()'s you have defined in your own code.

You can find the details in the article on my blog:

SparkCore with .Net – Part 1.

I’d enjoy any feedback and suggestions for moving forward… moving into github, etc.

I am excited to see the publish functionality and figuring out how to work it in!




Nice write up.
Looks like we’ve duplicated efforts on the client.
My post is here.

I took a slightly different approach. I build a client to the Cloud API. Then create a Tinker firmware client that uses the generic client.

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That robot is amazing! Does it come with everything needed to get it going? Motors etc…
Just add a spark core or did you need extra parts?

Nice! Great post, thanks for sharing!