Spark Core Tester Web App - Testers Please

I put this together for myself to test my firmware code. It’s a simple generic website that will show you all the variables and function on your Core and let you execute functions.
It makes my Core firmware development go so much easier.

I figured I’d clean it up and put it online for anyone to use.
Looking for some people to test it out against their firmware.

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It worked for me. I’m new to all this but it looks like it lets you read the output data that you have setup in your sketch.

I am uploading data to Xivley and it showed the Xivley Feed Name & The Analog Input Reading that I am sending out to Xivley.


Works great, i am stoked that you are running it on azure! I am putting together a project where i want to display graphs online of data collected by my spark but I have been dreading having to learn java script to put a page together

I hate to pester you but when could you make the source code to your page available ??

Updated with some better error handling.

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@ChrisM545 I'm not sure if I'll be open sourcing the web app or not, but I open sourced the .NET client to the Spark Core API.

See this thread.