Web app controller

So i am trying to get the web app working. i have had a look at some of the topic already posted about the web app but they don’t seem to work.
The way i am going about it is
Copying the code to the core and “flash” which works
copy the text to notepad change my core ID and Token key then save it as a .html file.
when i open the html the interface is on screen but nothing happens.
anyone got any tips or help ?

cheers Dave

Dave, congrats on getting started.

Can you post a link to the code you are copying to the web. I am not a hardware guy at all but I know the web side pretty well. Post a link and I can help figure this out.


https://community.spark.io/t/remote-spark-web-app/1054 (with this one i have found when i upload the code the the core all that happens is the little blue up the top goes on and the core becomes unresponsive and you need to do a total reset

https://github.com/technobly/Simple-Spark-Core-Controller and this one is the second which is where i get both sides working but nothing.

Hi @Daviepump!

I just tried myself the same thing and it works… so the Cloud and all interaction still functions fine. I’m guessing the file data got corrupted however you copy/pasted it. You don’t need the JS and CSS folders to make it work, but they make it look better. Try this, grab the Download Zip link:

And unzip it to your desktop, or wherever. Edit the index.html file in Wordpad, or Notepad if you can stand to look at it in there :wink: Save and open right there and it should work. Of course you need to Flash the RemoteSpark.cpp file to your Core, but it sounds like you have that part already done.

Same process for the other repo: https://github.com/technobly/Simple-Spark-Core-Controller/archive/master.zip

Let me know if it works out for you :slight_smile:

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It works, i did the same as before just used the .Zip file you had and BAM it works,
cheers for you help guys