Using multi network simms


i am using 3rd party sim service simms with the electron , the problem is when we test in one location the simm locks to a network and keeps to it and going online, but in a defferetn location where that netork has a week or no signal it will not connect
i was wondering if there is a way to let the simm roam to the best network using the electron firmware , i know the sim provider can do this with text and AT commands.

anyone have any ideas?


I am not sure if you saw this tutorial that @rickkas7 created for third party sims, but its a great tool that might solve your problem. Rick will be pinged on this thread now too, so if you’re still stuck after looking through that tutorial, he may be able to help you out with that.


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I don’t have the actual answer, but a couple hints:

When the modem is completely powered down it renegotiate with the towers and should automatically choose a better carrier. This only happens if you manually power down the modem or enter SLEEP_MODE_DEEP for several seconds. Things like resetting the Electron don’t reset the modem to save time and data, so you’ll stay connected to the same carrier/tower as long as there is some signal.

All of the underlying features of the modem can be controlled by AT command using Cellular.command.

There are a lot of options, but I’d start by looking at +CPOL and +UDCONF. I’m not positive those are the right options, but at least start looking there.

Here’s the whole command set:

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