Using existing code base - P1

We have been given some older P1 units with their source and are having trouble getting them working. These originally used OTA to deploy updates, we observe the following:

Current Observations

  • Units power up & status flashes blue
  • Observed over WiFi (e.g. “CUST-1234”)

And here we are stuck! How can we get these units programmed with updated code? It appears this source uses VS Code, see example below, but I cannot get this project loaded successfully.

Example Project


That would indicate there are no WiFi credentials stored on the device.

The custom SoftAP SSID suggests the firmware uses a custom SoftAP page to provide the WiFi creds.
Hence try connecting to the SoftAP and navigate to on that network.

More interesting than the porject structure would be to know what the original code does (e.g. does it use SoftAP?, does it use PRODUCT_ID()?, …)
Another interesting point would be whether USB and/or JTAG/SWD pins are exposed.

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