Using Device notes in a webook

Is there anyway to use the device notes in a POST webhook {{{PARTICLE_DEVICE_NOTES}}}?

If not, any plans on adding this option?

There is no way to use the device notes in a webhook at this time from a mustache template.

It’s not particularly likely to be added because of the way webhooks are currently run. The mustache/handlebars templates are resolved against a context of all things that could possibly be used in a mustache template, regardless of whether the template actually uses the variable.

Since querying the device notes out of the database for the device on every webhook, regardless of whether the variable is used or not, would be an expensive operation, it’s unlikely to be added at this time.

Thanks @rickkas7 for the update, I totally understand. If there is any way you guys can add more options to the webhooks that would be great. Maybe adding a character limited optional field that would be optimized for the lookup operation? Just a thought.
I saw your post about the notes GitHub - rickkas7/DeviceNotesHelperRK: Utilities for using device notes from Particle devices
and just wanted to take it a step further - have the device update this field on one event but generate the webhook that would look at that filed in additional to what the device is passing in a different event if that makes sense.